We understand that ultimately the most important result for a seller is that; Your Home Is Actually Sold! Realon’s focus is on delivering this result for you.

While many companies talk about how many agents they have or how many offices they have etc., we focus on selling your home. To do that we have found the following issues to be extremely important for your success. As you review this list, think about how these issues have impacted you when you were a home buyer. This helps to clarify what is advertising hype and what is real estate service.

1. Price your home right.

A $150,000 home listed on the market at $225,000 will be difficult to sell. Often times sellers overprice their homes because they were given bad advice on its true market value. This is a classic example of why our approach brings faster results. We can provide solid, reliable advice on the value of your home because we have people who are highly skilled in this area and understand the current market conditions throughout Appleton, Oshkosh and Green Bay.

2. Present Your Home In The Best Way Possible.

Knowing when to paint, re-carpet, rearrange furniture, replace light fixtures, etc. is often important for success with selling your home. This is another reason why our team is successful. Some people in real estate are good at knowing how to bring out the best in a home. Many are not. At Realon you will always have a skilled specialist help you with this important step in the sales process.

3. Listen And Respond To Feedback From The Market.

Most of the time sellers need to adjust to feedback from prospective buyers. This could mean adjusting price, condition, information provided and many other items. Once again Realon excels at this important stage of your transaction because people that are focused and skilled on this need are working for you. Many real estate consumers have complained that they never hear from their listing agent. This can be because the agent is overwhelmed with all the demands of their job or they’re not sure what to tell you or they haven’t had time to get feedback for you or many other real issues.

4. Expose Your Home To The Marketplace.

Buyers are not able to buy your house if they don’t know that it is available. This is where advertising, open houses, the MLS and other actions create exposure for your house. You need to clearly understand the marketing plan for your home. Be sure that the focus of this plan is the sale of your house as opposed to the desires of the listing agent or company. Advertising and open houses (of your house not the companies other listings) should occur on a regular basis (at least once a month). Your home should be entered in the MLS as quickly as possible (not withheld or timed so that the listing agent has a better chance of selling it), in order to create maximum exposure. Realon’s Team approach allows us to have your best interests at heart for all of our actions and efforts.

5. Be Prepared To Capitalize On Your Prospective Buyers Interest

Too often home sales are lost because of inadequate responses to the questions, issues and interest raised by buyers. This can happen because your agent was unavailable, too inexperienced or lacked the skills and knowledge necessary for the demands of your situation. These items can arise during initial calls on your home, during contract negotiations, while satisfying contingencies or any other number of times. Realon’s Team of Specialists approach was implemented for this very reason. We have the team member with the most applicable expertise work with individual customers at any given point in time. Additionally, many of Realon’s Exclusive Services are designed to address the needs and challenges of your buyer.

Realon’s Track Record for selling your home clearly demonstrates that the items discussed above work.

Contact Realón to find out how we can help you sell your home faster and for more money!

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