Using a Unique Approach

Selling your home through Realon WILL save you time and money.

We are an organization focused on customer service and results. Based on years of experience, industry data and most importantly, customer feedback, we know we're doing something right.

At Realon, we understand that the most important result to sellers is a 'SOLD' sign in their yard. That's why we're so pleased with our record of outperforming the industry.

Realon will sell your home quickly and in many cases, for a higher selling price than other realtors. Because our fee structure is considerably lower than other real estate firms, you'll save a significant amount. Yet, the house will still be fairly priced for smart homebuyers. It's a win-win situation for all parties involved!

Our Philosophy at Realon

"Experienced at Faster Results” identifies the mission for our unique real estate company. The focus of every action and decision is targeted at delivering outstanding service and results for our customers. We have taken significant innovative actions in order to carry out this mission.

Working As A Team

We recognized that no one person can have the knowledge or experience necessary to guide a customer through all the unique circumstances encountered during a real estate transaction. We have heard too many customers say that they were happy with an individual agent until they got to a certain part or parts of their transaction.

In order to effectively address this real need, Realon changed its entire organization structure. We have all of our people work as employees of the company.  Customers are not exclusively assigned to any one employee.  This feature allows Realon to have the team member with the most applicable expertise work with individual customers at any given point in time.  Traditionally real estate agents are independent contractors that work very much on their own.  So even if your agent is not very capable on the issue at hand, they are still your only resource.

Realon’s team approach has worked wonders in situations that demand very specific expertise as well as the more typical daily aspects of real estate.  If you are negotiating a contract that must address a failing septic system there will be many traditional real estate agents that do not know how to best resolve this significant issue.  Consulting on how to price or present a high priced listing to the market as compared to a “fixer upper” is another example of the type of expertise that many real estate agents do not have.  Too often they have inadequate experience or they have not been trained to deal with the specific issue.

Even aspects of real estate that need to be addressed in every transaction are traditionally not handled well in many cases.  Often times customers receive little or no feedback on activity once their home has been listed, or they receive poor advice on how to price their home, or they receive a poor explanation of their choices in agency or no explanation, etc.  Too many real estate consumers can share their own examples.

Assigning The “Best” Person

Working together, Realon is able to effectively address all of the needs of each individual customer. If we have a unique property to market or a difficult contract negotiation issue to address we will utilize the team member that has the best experience and expertise to help the customer.  Even on seemingly routine issues like explaining agency choices, which is mandated to occur on each transaction, we will use our most knowledgeable people on agency to explain the options for the customer. This allows the customer to truly understand their choices and to make the informed decision that is best for them.

Compensating Our Team for Service and Results

The benefits of the employee based organization structure are maximized by Realon’s compensation plans being based upon salaries.  The traditional real estate compensation approach, based totally on commissions, is not consistent with working as a true team of people. 
Our compensation structure allows team members to focus on what is right for our customer.  We are all very motivated to do whatever it takes to help our customers sell their homes faster and for more money and that is what we are compensated for also.  It’s just like all other businesses where the future of team member’s jobs and career growth is dependent upon doing an outstanding job for customers today.  Paying salaries actually creates a monetary incentive for Realon to be successful at selling homes.  We are investing significant up front dollars for the benefit of buyers and sellers. 

Services Designed with Success In Mind

This innovative organization structure is further enhanced by an array of exclusive services.  Consistent with Realon’s overriding philosophy of faster results for the customer, these services are targeted at helping customers sell homes faster, save money, save time and make informed decisions with confidence.

Customers Prefer the Realon Team

Customers have enjoyed this team approach. “Everyone we dealt with was very pleasant and helpful.  We liked the team-based approach” said The Quillens. 

The positive reaction from customers is not surprising for two reasons: 

1) Customers are used to it.  

With virtually all goods and services consumers deal with several people from the company selling the product or providing the service.  Whether it’s buying groceries or going to the doctor or going to school people have experienced the benefits of having a team of people ready to help you.

2) Customers receive exactly what they need.

That is expert advice and direction that allows them to sell their houses faster and for more money or to find a new home faster and with less hassle. These are the results that Realon focuses its resources on.

As another recent customer indicated “The whole concept of a team environment worked incredibly well.  I wish more real estate firms took this approach.”

Rest assured...everyone at Realon is working hard to make sure this wish comes true.

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